Sustainable Spirits


While quality and efficiency are primary objectives, Next Century Spirits is also equally as committed to sustainable, eco-friendly products. Our technology allows us to minimize the amount of wood used to age our whiskies, rums, and tequilas, which, in turn, greatly reduces the number of trees cut down in the process.

Traditionally, aged spirits must spend long periods of time in oak barrels. The best cuts of oak wood, used in coopering, come from the heart of the tree, resulting in the loss of one adult tree for every three barrels made. Oftentimes, the trees selected for harvesting are over 100 years old, making this an unsustainable practice. On top of this, most whiskey must be stored in new, virgin casks, meaning that the barrels often can’t be easily recycled within sections of the whiskey industry. With large distilleries running through over 1.5 million barrels a year, its obvious to see where improvements in sustainability can be made.

Our new production facility, located in Durham, NC, is also fitted with a large solar panel array, reducing our energy footprint and making us part of the largest solar powered whiskey distillery in the world.