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The fastest-growing segment of the market


At Next Century Spirits we know innovation and we can help you formulate and launch your new brand extension line of RTD (Ready-to-Drink) cocktails. Our professional blenders can help you produce crisp and refreshingly delicious premium Ready-To-Drink, pre-mixed cocktails, each representing your own sense of style and taste.

Why diversify and launch an RTD?

RTDs are projected to be the fastest-growing segment of the market, expected to grow at a CAGR of over 8% through 2021. These drinks are becoming extremely popular among consumers who are looking for convenience and portability.

Our RTD services include:

  • Formula development
  • COLA – TTB compliance
  • Canning/bottling
  • Packaging design
  • Sourcing and distribution
  • Go-to-market strategic advice

Why distilling your spirit in a can makes sense to your bottom-line:


1) Reduced cost in packaging materials and equipment

From a production standpoint, aluminum cans are far cheaper to produce. Cans are also less prone to breakage, which results in fewer instances of lost product and materials due to manufacturing and shipping accidents. The more durable nature of cans also means there’s less of a need for secondary packaging such as the corrugated partitions used to separate bottles.

2) Higher speeds, higher OEE

Can production lines require fewer equipment units in operation and consequently take up less floor space in a facility than a typical bottling line. Additionally, because cans are more stable, the can lines can move at higher speeds, increasing daily production potential. Most importantly, the reduction of equipment units of operation translates to a higher OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

3) Better Product Protection

Outside of a dark warehouse, bottles don’t provide much protection from sunlight and other elements that can turn good spirits bad. Aluminum cans, however, are not penetrated by UV rays and remain more tightly sealed. This ensures that the product will be consumed at its highest level of quality.

4) More product on the move at a reduced cost

When it comes to the finished product, cans offer the ability to create a cubed pallet load with higher density. They are also lighter, which reduces the energy cost for transportation to warehouses and distribution centers.

5) More space to leave a mark

From a marketing standpoint, liquor bottles offer less real estate when it comes to label imagery. Conversely, cans can be completely wrapped for maximum branding impact. It can also be more cost-effective to switch out a shrink sleeve for special on-off runs than it is to change out a cold glue labeler for a bottle.

6) Adaptable options for growth

Changing a bottling line from 700 ml. to 1.5-liter bottles requires extensive modifications to the equipment, programmable logic controls and automation controls that can cost distillers time and money. But can production lines that maintain the same diameter can easily undergo a height changeover.

Want to Learn More?


We invite you to experience the technology for yourself and taste the difference.

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