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Creek Water American Whiskey


The Creek Water is a 100% proof American Whiskey launched by award-winning record artist Michael Wayne Atha, better known as Yelawolf. The Creek Water brand has transcended traditional barriers through grassroots & viral lifestyle consumer marketing. Their unique approach bonds them to a market of consumers with both style and grit, from Millennials & Blue Collared Workers to Bikers and Hipsters alike.

At Next Century Spirits we are proud to have partnered with Yelawolf to help create a unique taste profile for his fabulous spirit. Using NCS’s patented finishing technology we’ve imparted a slightly charred flavor with spicy hints of cinnamon, traditional oak, an aroma of tobacco, and notes of maple syrup with a deep, copper color and a short, smooth finish.

The brand has scaled rapidly since its June 2018 launch, with more than 8000 cases produced, and distribution to 23 states across the country.

The art of making distilled spirits in action.

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