Meet the Team

Co-Founder and CEO

Scott Bolin

Scott Bolin is co-founder and CEO of Next Century Spirits. A serial entrepreneur
who co-founded several companies in the Triangle region, including Tethis, Inc.,
which was named one of the “100 brilliant companies” by Entrepreneur, Scott has
launched and built venture-backed startups in a wide range of fields. Scott holds
a BA from the College of William and Mary and an MBA from NC State University.
Scott lives in Raleigh with his wife, Cameron, and son, Taylor.


Joel Pawlak

Joel Pawlak is a co-founder of Next Century Spirits. An NC State University
Associate Professor of Forest Biomaterials, Dr. Pawlak’s research interests include
the creation of new materials from forest resources using physical and biological
manipulation of the polymer structure, and he has received a number of awards
for his research. During a 2009 scholarly leave to UNC-Chapel Hill, his work
resulted in an interdisciplinary graduate program of study between the Forest
Biomaterials and Microbiologydepartments at NC State University. He is a
recognized expert in the field of paper physics and has served as a private
consultant for more than 20 companies. Dr. Pawlak currently resides in Raleigh
with his wife, Leslie, and three children.

Vice-President of Sales

Jay Cummins

Jay Cummins serves as Vice President of Sales for Next Century Spirits. With
a 35-year alcoholic beverage industry career spanning executive roles in
technology, supply, and distribution sectors, Mr. Cummins has led sales and
strategy for several high-profile global brands from Vinventions, Nomacorc,
Sazerac, and E&J Gallo. Throughout his career, he has developed award-winning
product diversification, innovation, and sustainability initiatives, and has grown
key relationships with large, international wine and spirits companies. He lives in
Raleigh, NC with Lynn his wife of 25 years and 10-year-old daughter, Reed, where
they enjoy a wide range of activities the community and region has to offer.

Head Blender and Senior Product Technologist

Nick Scarff is Head Blender and Senior Product Technologist at Next Century
Spirits. He spearheads product formulation and manages blending for optimum
quality and consistency. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University with
a degree in Bioprocessing Science and was a fermentation researcher at the
University before taking roles at distilled spirits technology companies
Terressentia Corporation and later, Horner International. Nick has earned more
than two dozen medals in international tasting competitions for products he has
developed. Throughout his career, he has worked as a freelance spirits consultant,
helping distilleries and brands with product development, inventory management,
quality control systems, business strategies, and regulatory compliance. Nick
writes for a well-known whiskey publication, runs a tasting club, rebuilds vintage
motorcycles, plays in a local band, practices target archery, and spends time with
his golden retriever.

Chief financial officer

Jonathan Hornaday is CFO of Next Century Spirits. Jonathan has worked with startups for most of his career, including five years as a venture capital investor at Wachovia Strategic Ventures, investing primarily in FinTech companies. Most recently, in 2009 he was the first employee of Piedmont Community Bank Holdings (ultimately branded Yadkin Bank), which acquired or merged with six banks in six years and grew to over 1,300 employees before being sold in 2017 for $1.8 Billion. Jonathan holds a BS and BA from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Jonathan and his wife Andria live in Raleigh with their three children.