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Frequently Asked Questions


You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers! Please find a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just give us a shout and we will be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Next Century Spirits is an award-winning spirits producer recognized globally by prestigious trade and consumer organizations for creating exceptional private label, private brand, and premium bulk spirits’ blends.

This recognition from trade experts and satisfied customers is a testament of our team’s dedication to create custom and desirable flavors in our innovative spirits. Next Century Spirits “advanced filtering and finishing,” technology allows master blenders to take a range of desired distillates – aged, young, or even un-aged spirits – and create a more complex, smooth, and refined product with high-quality, oak-matured flavors. NCS offers incomparable blending expertise, which is implemented to support either bulk suppliers, private brands, private labels, interested in building a spirits business concept into reality.

NCS specializes in creating custom spirits for all brands, labels, distilleries, and bulk producers at the best rates in the industry. We offer low minimum order quantities, which is a benefit to start-ups and established brands interested in researching and developing a new product extension. Craft distilleries often work with us to expand their product offerings from RTD products to customized spirits lines which are deployed without requiring an expensive upfront investment allowing the opportunity to validate and test the market, and minimize risk and failure for the new product launch.

Next Century Spirits was created with distillers and brands in mind. Our goal is to make the launch of your brand not only successful but also worry-free. How? By producing your desired spirit under strict quality and consistency standards, at a reasonable cost and exactly the way you envisioned its unique flavor profile.

We offer customers:

  • Product Customization Our team works with brands to modify nuanced variables in the flavor profile to create custom blends and products for any private label, private brand and bulk supplier needs.
  • Low MOQs & Scalability One of the most attractive features to distilleries and brand owners is our minimum order quantities (MOQs). We can help launch your private label/brand, allowing flexibility to test the market and before deciding to scale up for larger production.
  • Speed to Market As your partner, we closely work with you to create your unique custom recipe, navigate through all legal requirements (TTB compliance – COLA formula filing) and select the best sourcing and packaging options to fit your brand.
  • Diversification Our patented filtering and finishing process offers a consistent product whether it is a whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, liqueur, or RTD. Customers enjoy the option to provide a variety of spirits in their product line.

Our turnkey solution lead by an experienced R&D team and Master Blender prides itself on producing well-matured whiskies and spirits and getting them ready for market launch in months not years. For all spirit brand owners/providers, our solution makes more economical and affordable sense, eliminating barriers to market entry and offering an expedited return of ROI. The ability to customize your spirit, test, and trial multiple samples in a shortened amount of time is a celebrated component of our innovative process as brands can finalize product concepts and confidently prepare for market entry and promotion of their new product.

During the multiple, selective, phases of our process, we can maximize the flavor components such as vanillin, syringaldehyde, cinnemaldehyde, and whiskey lactones. These create flavors of vanilla, toasted oak, cinnamon, coconut. During the natural reaction phases of our process, we can modify the reaction of harsh, carboxylic acids to their more desirable esterified forms, creating fruity and aromatic notes of apple, pear, and pineapple, among others. During the filtration phase of the process, we help reduce undesirable components such as methanol, isopropanol, and sulfuric compounds, which can create off-flavors in the distillate and are considered generally unhealthy.

The NCS technology creates the ability for the customer to modify nuanced variables in the flavor profile of their spirits. This allows for a large degree of customization and flexibility. Some of the common desirable flavors and aromas customers ask us to enhance in their products include caramel, coconut, fruit, smoke, butterscotch, chocolate, and toasted wood. We do not claim to create “replica” products, but rather, to create custom market spirits that can out-perform target products in terms of quality and cost.

The NCS technology is a perfect platform for custom spirits production and we have expanded our product offering to include turnkey product development to bottling services.

One of the most attractive features of our capabilities is that we offer more scalable options than any other spirits technology in the world. We can produce anything from 60 to 300 gallons batches at a time with our current systems.

We make a point to protect the identity of our customers, though you will likely find products produced by NCS on many store shelves. One of our fastest growing brands, Creek Water American Whiskey, which has won an ever-increasing number of medals and accolades, is available in 27 states with 8,000+ cases annually, making it one of the fastest growing craft distillery launches in history.

NCS can offer a range of spirits and Ready-To-Drink products, including whiskies, rums, tequilas, brandies, gins, vodkas, and liqueurs, among others in bottles, cans, or bulk containers.

1-3 months for White Label Bulk, and 3-6 months for Private Label Spirits and RTDs, from the time of invoice payment.

For details, pricing options and a free project consultation, speak to one of our technical experts at |  (919) 324-1932

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