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Grab a Glass—It’s National Bourbon Day!

It’s always a good day to celebrate bourbon, but June 14th is the best. That's because it’s National Bourbon Day, which means you’ve got more reason than ever to propose a toast in honor of the most American drink there is. So,…

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Cocktails That Are Easy on the Stomach

Almost everyone has a sensitive stomach, at least from time to time. Whether you have frequent stomach issues or are just feeling a little queasy at the moment, you don't want to miss out on a chance to celebrate, commiserate,…

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The Art of Blending and Role of a Master Blender

Unless a whiskey or spirit is labeled as bottled from a single cask or a single barrel, it's most of the times a blend. In other words, most whiskies are made from a combination of different single malts and grain…

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An Earth Day Toast to Sustainable Spirits

Growing trends toward sustainability have seen the spirits industry ramping up its efforts with distilling solutions and sustainable technology in the way they produce spirits. Projects range from eliminating plastic straws to rethinking entire manufacturing operations, giving everyone more reason…

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Meet Scott Hollowell – Process Engineer

Creating high-quality distilled spirits means paying attention to detail and getting every part of the process just right. And while the process of crafting spirits can be considered an art, it's also a science. The Next Century Spirits team is…

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