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Bear Fight is about unabashed authenticity

American distilled spirits are a representation of American culture. We push boundaries, we foster innovation, and we find better ways to reach our goals and achieve the results we want. We take aspects from other regions and make them our own in fresh and creative ways, eventually turning them into a uniquely new identity (This is expressed in the creation of the American Single Malt Whiskey category). We’re giving a subtle nod to the single malt whiskey makers of old with traditional production methods: sticking to a 100% malted barley mash bill, distillation in copper pot stills, using first fill bourbon casks for aging, resting in sherry casks and introducing peat-smoked oak (made with peat from Ireland and Scotland) into the finishing process.

However, we innovate by maintaining incredibly high degrees of control over the liquid during maturation (which happens faster in American climates than in the UK) through state-of-the-art systems and put the primary emphasis on attention to detail when it comes to the secondary maturation of the spirit. The sherry casks might come from Spain, but we balance that foreign flavor against domestically produced toasted American oak and bourbon barrels. We optimize the conditions in a patented finishing process to create a consistent, unique flavor profile that can’t be easily replicated through normal means.

The result? A complex set of nuanced flavors that entice the sophisticated drinker, while also appealing to the adventurous whiskey enthusiast. An easy drinking, sippable whiskey that’s as at home as a daily drinker as it is at a special occasion tasting.

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